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 Our Property

There’s a lot of open spaces and rooms for privacy, but also if wanted it provides a great community atmosphere to meet new people. Our hammocks are on 3 different floor levels throughout the property for privacy and relaxation. On the lower level there’s a BBQ area with picnic tables and a self-service swing Bar that you can stock your own drinks and play some games. Thru out the property on all 3 levels there’s art murals from local artists, we love Artwork it fosters the feeling of relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. Great for insta or Pinterest pictures!

A short walk is the Caribbean sea there you can walk the scenic trails. Paddle board, snorkel, fish, or sit on a dock and relax. Unwind and explore the beauty of a pristine island in an eco-friendly way.  We do include free snorkeling equipment, bikes, fishing rods & the paddle boards with your reservation.

Off Grid in Style

For your convenience and reliability we have invested on and one of the most sophisticated  solar  power systems available for private use. Is an Outback system with 60 solar panels and a battery bank to store enough energy. When optimal sun conditions are running, we are fully charged before Noon. Also for those rainy days we have a backup Quiet Honda generator that produces 6000 kilowatts of power, enough energy ☀️ to run the entire Villa and all its amenities.

*Note that Caye Caulker entire Island is unique and is powered by generators. Costa Nube is located on the quieter side of the island away from the hustle and bustle and independently run. You have access to all the amenities that on grid power home offers with Solar panels system/ batteries/generator.

As a collective we have a mindfulness about water & electricity conservation. Sustainable efforts should be practice to preserve water consumption since we rely on the rain to fill our water harvesting system. Especially from January through April is dry season.
Our home can offer a/c for night-time use 5pm-9am. Each room has ceiling fans & stand fan. Each floor suite has unobstructed gentle cool breezes from all directions with large windows/doors. If is too hot for you and we have extra power (weather allowing) talk to us about turning the Air-conditioning early . Our goal is for you to have a great experience. Belize is located in a subtropical climate. know that it could be hot, humid or rainy. there  will be a variety of bugs, insects and natural creatures during rainy and dry season.



Our Business Headquarters:

2654 W. Horizon Ridge PKWY

STE B5-1021

Henderson, NV, USA 89085-2803


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