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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! With that being said it is always important where ever you are to keep a vigilant eye, never flash money or leave bags unattended while out and about. We have safes, security cameras and we live here on the property! If you need anything or see something suspicious let us know!!

Are there ATMs on the Island?

There are three ATMs on the island. With that being said sometimes they do go down, it's always a good idea to plan ahead if you know you are going to need cash. Most area restaurants and tour providers take cards. 

How Far is the downtown Island from the Units?

It's roughly a 15 minute bike ride or a 10 minute taxi to the main hangout spots on the island. We are just far enough away for peace and quiet, but a quick taxi to the nightlife!

How far is the Water from the Property?

Just a few minutes walk to the water from our place! We have paddle boards, fishing gear and snorkeling gear all free of charge for your use. 

Why choose Caye Caulker over San Pedro?

While San Pedro has some fabulous places to see, Caye Caulker has the best vibe!! Much less hustle and bustle our island doesn't allow cars or truck to be driven other than for supplies and critical town infrastructure. Go Slow is the way to go! 

Are you really "Off Grid"?

Yes! We have invested in one of the most sophisticated solar power systems for private use. For the rainy days we do have a backup  Honda generator with enough power to run the entire Villa and all it's amenities!

Getting Here

We got you covered no matter where you are coming from! Click More info to get all the details and contacts to make your trip to the island seamless!
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The sky is the limit for activities on the island! We have complied a few of our favorites! Click More info to get ideas for your epic island adventure!

Things to Do

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